March 2023

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Car-Related Business Opportunities You Can Start in the Philippines

 Starting a car business in the Philippines is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs. There are various car-related businesses you can start, such as dealerships, auto repair shops, and rental services. Doing research and acquiring resources are important steps to consider before setting up a business. Utilizing technology solutions can help improve efficiency while increasing customer

A stack of old tires in an open area

A Clean Drive: Tips on Properly Disposing of Automotive Wastes

• Automotive waste, such as motor oil, brake fluid, and antifreeze, can contaminate soil and water if not disposed of properly.  • Improper disposal of these hazardous chemicals can lead to air pollution, damage ecosystems, and present a fire hazard.  • To ensure safety and reduce environmental impact, used motor oil, oil filters, batteries, coolant,

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5 Technologies Transforming the Automotive Industry

EVs are becoming increasingly popular due to affordability and ease of charging. Autonomous vehicles use sensors, cameras, radar systems and algorithms to operate without human intervention. VaaS offers convenience and affordability over car ownership. Communicative cars utilize technology for improved safety on the roads. Big data analytics provides predictive insights for better servicing and customer

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