June 2020


How You Can Extend the Life of a Used Vehicle

Having your own car shouldn’t have to be expensive. For a lot of people, secondhand vehicles are much more practical and affordable options. The problem is maintenance. You’ll have to take extra care so you can make sure you get a lot of use out of it. Whether you have an SUV or an ATV, here

Car maintenance under the engine

Tasks Car Owners Need to Prioritize During the Pandemic

With the current world health crisis present, it is easy to forget about car maintenance. Since there are stay-in-place orders and social distancing rules to follow, it makes sense that you postpone any irrelevant and nonessential trips. But that does not mean you can go without keeping your car in tip-top shape. The number of


What You Need to Know About Fanfiction

Have you ever thought what if you were your idol’s love interest? What if the characters of a certain universe end up together? All these are possible in the realm of fanfiction. What Critics Say About Fanfiction Others look down on this genre of fiction because of the connotation that it is childish or counterproductive

Driving a truck

How to Ensure Your Safety When Driving a Vehicle

Driving to work or the grocery store might be something you do every day. So it starts feeling like a routine, and you pay less attention to it. But you can never be too careful. In the US alone, there’s an average of six million car accidents per year. When you’re behind the wheel, safety should always

camper van

How to Turn Your Truck into the Perfect Camping Vehicle

There has been a lot of changes to camping, the most iconic summer vacation experience. Over the years, technology made its mark on the summer tradition. You can use a lot of tools to help make your camping trip a more efficient and fun experience. The truck is now a part of the summer tradition,

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